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Strong 'North Stars' Give Hope

Floyd Woodrow joined the British Army straight out of school and then became as one of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected to join the SAS Regiment, at age 22. Since leaving the Army, Floyd works as a business consultant and runs a number of companies, while also working with young school children. He knows a thing or two about leadership, setting goals and getting the outcomes he wants.

Floyd visited our Vistage executive peer group and spoke at length on the topic of ‘Leadership at the Far Right Hand Edge of Resilience’.

We learned that while hope in not a business strategy on its own, having a clear idea of the goal - a clear North Star to follow - brings clarity of purpose creating hope, which translates into determination and action. Steven Covey said "begin with the end in mind".

Floyd's first question was "how good do you want to be?" Followed by "how do you lead yourself?" and "why should I follow you?" Simple, powerful questions, that sometimes have elusive answers that are really convincing!

The first part of his discussion was around defining a clear 'super-North star' - a clear vision (over-used and abused word!) about where you're going and why. When 'life gets in the way' and things get tough, you can still see your North Star burning brightly on the horizon, helping you to stay focused and to make the right decisions, keeping the end in mind.

What's your 'super-North star'? How do you define it? (Hint: it's not a financial number or a budget!) Try asking yourself "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Remember, we never stop growing. What do you really, really want for yourself and for your family or those around you? Write it down. Be intentional.