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Courageous Coaching and the Gift of Feedback

We had exceptional coach and author John Blakey join our Vistage group meeting in November to help members develop their coaching skills. He uses his FACTS model to describe coaching. FACTS stands for:

  • Feedback

  • Accountability

  • Courageous Goal

  • Tension

  • Systems Thinking

The important thing is that this model isn't linear - you don't start at 'F'!

Something I like about the model is that is allows the coach to give feedback and to 'say what they see' in addition to asking great questions to develop goals, increase or decrease tension and to establish accountability. If feedback is the breakfast of champions, why would you not give feedback - in a non-judgmental way - to help your staff and colleagues become the champions they deserve to be?

How do you go about using a mix of questions and feedback to help others explore what's going on and to develop strategies to be either more effective or more accepting of what is going on around them?

Check back to see more videos from John