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Åsa is a leadership coach working with entrepreneurs and charity leaders from a wide range of different industries and professions. She helps them find clarity on their goals and supports them to achieve their ambitions – whatever they may be.

Åsa’s had a career as the CEO of a charity and a producer in the creative industries. She describes herself above all as a change maker!

She likes working with curious people who want to make positive change to their lives or businesses. She gives those people a safe space to explore, create, and bounce ideas around. She’s a key player in helping people design their own route ahead in life.

As a group facilitator, she works strategically with teams on a range of projects, themes and topics. The key to creating successful business plans and building stronger teams lies in our core values, and so she encourages people to use these to communicate, connect and create. Working in partnership with her clients, she designs facilitated workshops that promote team building and leadership skills. Together, we look at everything from strategic planning for the future, to improving communications in the here and now.

Åsa is a professionally qualified Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Åsa Malmsten

Leadership Coach

John works as an executive coach with business owners and senior executives, helping them to raise their game and to perhaps face their demons, to get traction in the direction they truly want to travel.  Equally, if everything’s going ‘fine’, John challenges his clients to stretch themselves, asking incisive questions to explore what is truly possible, rather than just nicely comfortable.  

John is a former international chief executive with a track record of growing wholly-owned and joint-venture businesses, running enterprises with turnover of £200m+ and more than 1,000 staff. He’s also worked as a management trainer, delivering sessions all over the world. As a Chief Executive, he’s worked and lived in four different countries, which has been as beneficial as it’s been enjoyable, to understand how business is done within different cultures.

As a group facilitator, John brings this mix of international business leadership, formal business training, professional coaching and a psychometric toolkit to the table.  He relishes helping businesses build strategy and teams that focus on execution.

John is a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and a Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner.

John Holden

Leadership Coach and founder at Futureproof Mentoring

Futurproof Mentoring
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