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Is the Futureproof Peer Group for you?

Are you a Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director or Key Executive within a business?

You are? Great. This is for you.

Be part of a group of a dozen-or-so non-competing MDs/CEOs (within the same turnover bracket as you), who you can speak with regularly to grab yourself some seriously straight-talking feedback and unbiased forward-thinking for action and opportunity.  We meet for a whole day nine times a year, to do serious work on our businesses and on ourselves. We also bring in expert speakers to expand our thinking, refresh our approach, and to help us grow as business leaders.

Even if you’re heading up your own business, chances are that you didn’t sign up for many of the challenges and changes and that you currently face on a daily basis.

When you’re at the top, this life chooses you – not the other way around!

While you've heard it said before, it really is lonely at the top.  When you're looking after the business and everyone in it, who's looking after you?  Who can you use as an independent sounding board, without bias, and with enough experience to understand the issues you are facing?

​The Futureproof Peer Group allows you to combine one-to-one executive coaching with the opportunity to explore ideas and challenges with a group of like-minded, experienced business leaders. When was the last time you bounced ideas off a really good sounding board, or shared issues with someone who didn’t stare at you with a worried expression – or worse, with a blank one? Who can you talk to on equal terms, without judgment, to test and validate your thinking?​

The Futureproof Peer Group makes this not only possible, but profitable.

Who do you need to be, to be the best leader for your business?

No-one is ‘finished article’!  And the only person who doesn’t experience imposter syndrome the the true imposter! So we are all works in progress.  As the economy and the world of business morphs and changes, what it means to be a leader changes too. You are probably not the first person to experience whatever challenge you face - the peer group gives you a pool of knowledge and experience to help you be the best leader in the moment.

With the Futureproof Peer Group, you’re always at the top, but you’re never alone.

So, ready to find your group?

Whatever role you give or call yourself, leaders need to grow faster than their business, because otherwise you're going to get swamped as the business becomes bigger, more successful and more complex. Why not experience that growth with a group of like-minded leaders who get what you’re going through – and know exactly where you want to end up when you come out the other side​.​

Reckon you’re going to be the smartest person in the room?

You won’t be, and we’d hate to disappoint you, so maybe The Futureproof Peer Group isn't for you. If you’re a true businessperson, we want you to be proud of the work you do and the goals you’ve achieved, but we don’t want you to be the smartest person in the room. If you are, how will you learn anything? 

We’re looking for people who are always looking to learn, develop and push themselves to be better. In return, we know you’ll have so much to give back to your group with the strengths and smarts that you bring, so it’s a win-win for everyone. 

Futurproof Mentoring

Futureproof Peer Group

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