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What is Executive Coaching.

I don’t believe that any coach of any kind should tell you to sign up for coaching if they don’t practice what they preach.

A wise business colleague once told me that "hope is not a business strategy", so number two was the only feasible option.​​

I still invest in group and one-to-one coaching today for the good of my personal development as well as my professional/business development, but I’ll always remember the first time I made the decision to get myself some coaching… 

I was the Chief Operating Officer in a South Korean joint-venture life insurance company.

The firm was a very traditional Korean business and, as well as being new to the role and to the company, I was new to the country. In fact, at that point, I was the only foreigner within the business.  

The culture, language, and business operations were all so alien to me, so, I decided that there were only two ways I was going to figure things out:

  1. Trial, error, and some finger-crossing for good luck

  2. Get some help

​Executive Coaching is often misunderstood.

When you’re in the bottle, it’s hard to read the label. An executive coach gives you perspective when it’s almost impossible to get it for yourself.
Executive coaching is a service that works exclusively with high-level professionals such as yourself – CEOS, MDs, Senior Executives… either within someone else’s business or within your own.
An Executive Coach is your partner in developing your strategies and optimising your responses. They will appreciate not only your challenges but also the opportunities that may be hiding from you!
Your coach will work with you around the areas that you want to develop to become the very best you can be - not only for your business and your role, but also in your personal life. They really do support you with the full package of self-awareness and potential. It can literally be life-changing.​

So here’s some info for you to see if it’s what you need.

Time to get some direction?

​With Futureproof Mentoring, you can access a range of ways to benefit from Executive Coaching, with one-to-one and peer group options available to you. When was the last time you bounced ideas off a really good sounding board, or shared issues with someone who didn’t stare at you with a worried expression – or worse, with a blank one? Who can you talk to on equal terms, without judgment, to test and validate your thinking?​

Futurproof Mentoring

Executive Coaching

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