One-to-One Executive Coaching

The first time I got myself a coach, I was the Chief Operating Officer in a South Korean joint-venture life insurance company and I was the only foreigner in a very traditional Korean business.  The culture, language and operating principles were so alien to me.  So I decided there were only two ways I was going to figure things out:

  1. Trial and error (while hoping to be lucky!)

  2. Get some help


And a wise colleague once said, "hope is not a business strategy!"

Everyone's got something they're trying to achieve: to grow their business; to sell their business; improve margins; deal with a difficult staff situation; find a new hire; plan succession - the list really is endless! 

But who do you talk to that is experienced, impartial, objective, confidential and non-judgmental. That's my job as your executive coach. But I'm not here to be your friend!  Expect to be challenged, pushed and asked "why?" I have no reason to accept what you say - unless I believe you and it makes sense to me. Often, clients say that just articulating their thinking out loud helps them clarify their thought process, spot inconsistencies and find better plans. I won't answer your questions - I will question your answers!

This is an opportunity to review progress, air issues, ask for help and to track progress against your goals. My job is to help you move faster, with more certainty and with fewer mistakes than 'trial and error, while hoping to be lucky'. My job is to test your thinking, challenge your assumptions and uncover any blind spots. I can be objective, curious, wise and ignorant - I don't profess to know the answers or to know your business better that you do - I can make you think hard about your chosen course of action to make sure it's the right one.

When was the last time you bounced ideas off a really good sounding board?  To book an exploratory conversation, click here