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Access to one-to-one executive coaching.

As a peer group member, you have access to one-to-one executive coaching with me as the Group Chair.

So much good work can be done in a group setting, but the one-to-one is about you, your business, your priorities, challenges and personal growth. This is ‘wise selfishness’ as the business can't be at its best, if you aren't at your best!

One-to-one sessions take place once a month. The sessions are an opportunity to step back and explore, surface what’s stuck or holding you back, break down some barriers and set some goals. And they’re also an important chance to review your progress so far. Sometimes, we forget to do this as individuals, so objective and confidential coaching can really help you take pride in what you’ve done and make bold decisions for the short-term and long term-future.

I’m a friendly guy, but in signing up to work with me one-to-one, I’m not here to be your friend, my friend! Expect to be challenged, pushed, and asked "why?" Often, my clients say that just articulating their thinking out loud helps them clarify their thought process, spot inconsistencies, and find better plans. It’s wonderful to be a part of that.

If you want one-to-one executive coaching with me summed up in one sentence, it’s this:

I won't answer your questions… I will question your answers!

So, ready to find your group?

Futurproof Mentoring

One-to-One Executive Coaching

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