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What to expect from your first meeting.

Even the most confident and outgoing amongst us can dread that awkward first meeting with a new group.

Here’s what to expect when you come along to join us at your first executive peer group meeting:

Our meetings aren’t something you can put in your diary in order to kill a bit of time or talk shop with people outside of the office for the sake of it. Our meetings are about taking action and leading change, so you will be held accountable for the promises you make to yourself and your business. We know that doesn’t sound very relaxing, but if relaxing is what you want instead of real business action, feel free to hit the golf course.

Where  possible, we meet at our members’ premises so that we can really understand their business. You will be welcomed by around a dozen of your peers (MDs, CEOs, Founders, etc) to start the day. Whatever your business, we want to get to know all about it, but more importantly, we want to get to know you at the head and heart of it.
There’s nothing more important than a good breakfast, so we’ll make sure you’re set up for the day ahead. We’ll then make a formal start to check in with each other, so that everyone starts the day in the same informed position of where we are and what we’re doing. ​
The meeting you attend may well feature a guest speaker. Rather than hire someone to speak to fill a slot, group members decide who they want to hear from and what they want to learn about. In the past, we’ve featured world-class speakers who lead on everything from marketing to money, and mental wellbeing to motivation.  
Look forward to a good lunch? You won’t be disappointed. Take this time to talk with group members, to understand their businesses, and to compare notes. A lot of the value comes from sharing ideas and experience, so we make time for that. These meetings are closed-shop and invite-only, so there’s no need for business cards and elevator pitches, here. Be yourself, learn and enjoy.
As we enter the afternoon, we’ll kick in with our Executive session. This is where we fire on all cylinders. Together, we work on the issues, decisions and opportunities within our businesses, leveraging the combined brainpower and experience from around the table. This session is about challenge, inquiry, thought and reflection. Expect to be challenged - and to challenge your peers, too. This is teamwork in its truest sense. In this session, we’ll drive all of our businesses forward – together.
To close, we’ll review the events of the day and make commitments for the next meeting. All you have to do then is to look forward to implementing everything from the day’s events with immediate effect in your business for maximum gains.

So, ready to find your group?

Futurproof Mentoring

Your First Meeting

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